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You deserve more than just getting by in life,

at The Well-Being Project we want you to

feel empowered, connected, & inspired

to live a life of meaning and fulfilment.

Any one of us can struggle. 

Sadness, grief, anxiety, loneliness, and loss are all part of the human experience.

Life can feel overwhelming at times, but when we feel supported, heard, encouraged, and celebrated every person has an natural capacity to heal and grow.

Whether you feel frustrated or disconnected in relationships, are caught in past trauma, pain and hurt, if you feel a lack of meaning and hope in your life, or if you are just confused as to your next step, through compassionate conversation, safe supported self inquiry, and evidence based behavioural change practices, together we will gently explore how to move through and transform the emotional and psychological blocks that are holding you back from living the life you want to live.


At the Well-Being Project we offer one to one counselling and wellbeing workshops to:

  • support the development of a strong sense of self, 

  • build your capacity to create supportive caring relationships,

  • find your connection to purpose and meaning,

  • create a sense of accomplishment, 

  • encourage opportunity and power to make choices for your own life. 

I will walk beside you and support you on your unique journey towards total wellbeing.



Wellbeing Counselling

Your vision will become clear only

when you look into your heart,

Who looks outside dreams,

Who looks inside awakens...

~ Carl Jung

I am a trauma informed counsellor with tertiary and post graduate qualifications in Person Centred Counselling, Gestalt Relational Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, Somatic Psychotherapy, Yoga, Mindfulness, and group facilitation.

Through a confidential, safe, and compassionate 

relationship I will support you to develop your capacity for self awareness and self acceptance, and increase your ability to communicate your needs, feelings, and expectations in constructive and authentic ways. Living a life guided by your values will be the foundation of your Well-Being.


I offer private one to one support via confidential online sessions, or in-person on the Sunshine Coast. 

Contact here for information or to book a session.

I look forward to connecting and working with you.


Wellbeing Workshops
Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each others eyes for an instant?
~ Henry David Thoreau

 Communication styles make or break relationships. Trouble usually begins from expectations that others know exactly how we feel and what we need.


To encourage social wellbeing and safer communities

I offer unique workshops on interpersonal 

communication for community organisations and professional businesses.

These workshops focus on developing participant's knowledge, skills, and capacity for self awareness, 

understanding of others, and ability to communicate authentically, honestly, respectfully, and productively.

Using the latest research from 

interpersonal neurobiology, counselling psychology, communication, and group dynamics these inclusive and interactive workshops uncover what's behind our misunderstandings, and explores how active listening, assertive communication, and self-compassion can create more satisfying connections.


I have a number of ready made workshops or can design a program that targets your organisational needs.

Contact here for more information or any inquiries.

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. 

When you make no more apologies,

no more excuses. 

This is the day your life

really begins.


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